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 General Canine Info

Here you can find general info about manís best friend. Particularly, we provide links to any info about all breeds of dogs.

All Breed Info

Breed FAQ -- You can find general info about Golden and Lab, or any breed, here. You must read it before you own a dog!
Intelligence of Breeds -- Curious which breed is the smartest?
World Class Dogs
Canine Connections
Canine OnLine
Dog Owner's Guide -- It has very good articles on dog ownership. It's a must.
Dogs in Review - Monthly multi breed show dogs publication
Puppy Aptitude Test--It's important for those of you trying to search a correct retriever.
The Canine Chronicle


Dog Food and Health Issues

Dog Food Sites and Information
Dog Food Comparison Chart -- Before you choose a specific dog food, visit this site
Kibble Ingredients -- This site is also an important site to visit before deciding any kibble for your best friends
Holistic Veterinary and Optimum Pet Nutrition
Breed Specific Dog Food
Dog Food Links
What to feed your puppies
Pet Health--It's very good!
Emergency Dog Links
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals--Curious about Hip Dysplasia?
Animal Diseases
BMD Health Info Links
Natural Recipes (Natural Health Food)
Biscuit for Dog
Recipe Exchange


Semua informasi dan citra di sini dilindungi oleh UU Hak Cipta. Tidak ada bagian apa pun dari homepage ini yang boleh digunakan, tanpa sepengetahuan Golden, kecuali untuk keperluan sendiri dan non-komersial.